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Big Birthas PSG research into larger pregnancies and labour

What’s it like being a larger mum during pregnancy? How do the choices you are offered affect your experience of pregnancy and labour?

We are a group of plus-sized mums who would like to understand more about labour and pregnancy for people like us. We need your help to gather some experiences.

Is this you?

  • Over 18
  • Had 2 or more children (not twins) where your BMI was over 29.
  • Your youngest child is under 3.
  • Your births took place in the UK.

We would like to interview you by email. We’ll send you an email with a few questions to answer, and then if we need any more detail, will send you a maximum of one more email. Everything you write will be anonymised and then used to help us understand more about pregnancy and labour for larger women. It should take you no longer than 30 minutes in total.

Happy to get involved? Please click here to read our Participant Information Sheet, fill in the consent form, and then we’ll send you an email with our questions.

Thank you!

If you want to find out more about user-led citizen science, where normal people design and run research to answer questions that they are interested in, check out the rest of the Parenting Science Gang website.

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