Top Tips On Being Family-friendly

Top tips on being family-friendly

In this blogpost you’ll find our top tips on engaging parents online and at face-to-face events. The golden rule of public engagement is to know your audience, and if you want to get parents involved, then you need to cater…

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Earlier this month, PSG headed off to the Institute of Health Visiting (IHV) Conference in Manchester to share the results of some of our research. Our Director, Sophia Collins, gave a presentation about co-producing research with parents, while four of our…

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Flexischooling in Scotland – the facts

Flexischooling was in the news last week in Scotland, as Aberdeenshire Council debated a motion that would 'allow flexischooling' in the county. There have been numerous press articles, and helpful, 'what is flexischooling' explainers. Radio Scotland's morning phone-in show devoted…

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Big Birthas Research Findings

Big Birthas research findings

How does being a larger mum affect your pregnancy and labour? The members of Big Birthas Parenting Science Gang know that there can be higher risks for mums with a high BMI, but what about the many larger mothers who…

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