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UKBAPS question shortlist

We have a lot of questions we want evidence-based answers for!

But all of our Parenting Science Gangs will design and run just one experiment each. UK Breastfeeding and Parenting Support – Parenting Science Gang (UKBAPS-PSG)  have taken a big step closer to finding out which question they will focus on:

This is the UKBAPS shortlist:

A. Do GPs and other Health Care Professionals give evidence-based advice about breastfeeding?

And if not, why not?

B. What is the content of breastmilk for those feeding to natural term?

What does breastmilk for a 2/3/4/5/6 year old consist of? How big a part of their diet is it making up?

C. What is “normal” sleep for babies and toddlers in reality?

(How long, how many wake ups etc).

D. PND, bonding and breastfeeding 

How does breastfeeding support a mother-infant bond? Can breastfeeding be protective against the development of (or help mothers already suffering from) postnatal mental illness?

E. Breastmilk as a cure for conjunctivitis/eczema/soothing chicken pox

Is there anything in this or is it placebo – or as good as any other moisturising fluid?

F. Partners bonding, boobs & bottles:

Do dads / partners of breastfeeding mothers have the same bond as with a formula fed child?

G. Fussy eating and breastfeeding / BLW

Is there a difference in fussy eating levels between children who were breastfed and ones given artificial milk? Is there a difference between babies baby lead weaning (BLW) and those traditional weaned?

H. How do various parenting choices influence each other?
– For example, is one more likely to babywear if one is breastfeeding?
– Is one more likely to forward face in the car seat if one does CIO?
– More likely to wean early if giving artificial milk?
– More likely to do some kind of elimination communication if using cloth nappies?
– More likely to parent based on evidence-based guidelines if breastfeeding?

I. How does breastmilk change depending on the needs of your child?

Does it really significantly alter in content when your child has a cold, and how quickly does it do it?

L. The influence of family & community on breastfeeding success

How does the attitude towards breastfeeding within a family and the community as a whole contribute to mothers successfully breastfeeding?

How did the gang get to this point?

One of our Parenting Science Gang members explains all in her blog Why is our project like an upside-down painting?

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