12 things you need to know about the microbiome

What do you know about the microbiome? Here are the Baby Biome Parenting Science Gang’s top facts:

Your gut health could impact the health of the rest of your body in many ways.


Are bacteria suffering from bad PR?!

You are not sterile!

You are carrying around more bacteria cells in/on your body than human cells.

Yes, it’s bacteria, but don’t be scared – most of them are either harmless or very good for you.

There is huge variability in the microbiome of individuals and it’s influenced by many factors; these include genes, age, sex, diet, environment, health, stress, occupation and climate.

Your exact microbiome is individual to you and impacted by your experiences and decisions (and those of your parents).

We don’t have a very solid understanding yet of what the exact connections are or might be between microbiome variations in most ordinary people and disease.

Diversity is key.

Emotions are affected by our gut biome.

We’re considerably more controlled by it than we like to admit.

Seeding the biome starts at birth so be informed of birth practices that can affect this.

You can use your microbiome to make music!

We’re all learning as we go along, so come and join us and help us further our understanding of the microbiome at the Baby Biome Parenting Science Gang.

Thanks to all the Parenting Science Gang members who contributed!




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