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Big Birthas – a new Parenting Science Gang

by Amber Marshall of Big Birthas

Are you a plus-size Mum or Mum-to-be? Trying to get pregnant, perhaps? Looking for information specific to your circumstances, and struggling to find it? There’s a lot of research out there, but not a lot of it is geared to our issues, and even where it is, it can sometimes be confusing and alarming where the presentation of statistics are concerned.

Let’s change that and make sure that the right research is being done!

BigBirthas.co.uk, is teaming up with Parenting Science Gang to ask the questions us bigger mums want the answers to. Come along and find out more, ask your questions, and maybe even help us to find the answers!

Parenting Science Gang is a user-led citizen science project funded by Wellcome. It’s made up of 9 groups of parents, 5 of them starting in early 2018. In each group we will look for evidence-based answers to our parenting questions, and where we find gaps, we’ll design and run our own research studies to discover our own scientific results and add to the body of knowledge.

On the way we’ll have regular online Q&A sessions with experts where anyone can ask a question and we’ll discuss current research with the people in the know. They will help us in designing our experiment, and maybe even point us in the direction of equipment and resources. Two of 2017’s groups have ended up doing experiments in the labs of Q&A experts!

Interested? Come and join us! If you would like to help plan and run an experiment that will support mums with a higher BMI, then come and join us here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1955647771354577/

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