Parenting Science Gang

Calling BAME parenting groups

Do you have parenting questions you can’t find an evidence-based answer to? Are you part of a community with questions that get overlooked by mainstream science?

Parenting Science Gang puts parents in charge of the research agenda. It’s user-led citizen science, funded by Wellcome.

Our four citizen science groups this year have all found questions that mattered to them where NO research exists.

And now, with our help, they are running their own experiments to find the answers.

Would you like to do that too?

The whole point of this project is democratising science and changing the balance of power. We really want to hear from groups of BAME parents. Normally a bunch of middle-class white guys decide what gets funded in science. They may not have the same view as you about what’s important. This is a chance to do something different.

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