Post-it Note Asking For More PSG

What do parent citizen scientists want to do?

During our Final Event weekend in York (#parentsdoscience), we invited everyone to contribute to our Hands poster that asked “What are you itching to do now?”. Anyone could write anything at any time, and so we ended up with a big range, but with a rather clear theme…..

Some people used this opportunity to voice their ideas for where they’d like to do research. Their priorities were finding out more about:

  • Mental health/well-being and Big Birthas (higher-BMI mothers)
  • Home educating parents’ experiences of local authorities
  • Transpeople’s experience of birth and chestfeeding
  • LGBTQIA parents’ experiences of pregnancy/birth/maternity/fertility services
  • Antibodies in breastmilk

Some thoughts were about the future of PSG;

  • Publish our results in peer reviewed journals with us as authors
  • Continue having Q&As with experts
  • Write workable questions to take forwards to funders.

But overwhelmingly, with 52% off all post-it notes placed (which is, I believe, the standard measurement of citizen scientist thoughts), PSG members wanted to do more citizen science. This is only a very small sample….

  • Research some of the questions that our results have given
  • More PSG! We now have even more questions and keen professionals
  • Yes (to above) – me too.
  • More!
    • PSG
    • Research
    • Science
    • Study
  • Be even more involved in new project. Carry the word out.
  • More PSG!
  • Yes, more PSG
  • And another vote from me!

People who want parents to engage meaningfully with science, are you reading this?

We also found out how PSG members feel and what they were thinking about.

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