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Information about our babywearing experiment

Image: Sew Katy DidCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The SANP-Parenting Science Gang is running an experiment on the temperature of babies (age 0-13 months) when in slings. You can read all about the background to their decision in this blog post by one of the members.

Our experiment will take place during February 2018 in a lab at Loughborough University and is being run by Dr Davide Filingeri. In the experiment, we’ll take the temperature of your baby and then pop them in a sling (on you), and take their temperature again.  Then you’ll do some gentle exercise (walking around, to mimic how you walk around your house – nothing strenuous at all), and we’ll measure your baby’s temperature again. Will they have got hotter?

If you are thinking of participating with your baby, have a read of the Participant Info sheet linked below. It’s got lots more details about exactly what you and your baby will do.

SANP Participant Info Sheet

If you are up for joining us, and we really hope that you are, please fill in this form to tell us about yourself and to let us know when you are free during February to get involved.

Register your interest in participating

We may be able to pay expenses.

If you’ve got questions, drop us a line at parentingsciencegang@gmail.com

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