Parenting is always an experiment so why not collect the data?
How Hot Is My Baby In A Carrier?

How hot is my baby in a carrier?

An citizen science experiment by the Science-Aware Natural Parenting Science Gang There are so many rules to live by when you’re a new parent, but it can be hard to tell what is based in fact and what is not. For…

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Milk Matters – A Q&A With Maureen Minchin

Milk Matters – A Q&A with Maureen Minchin

Unlike most of our previous Q&As, Maureen Minchin is not an academic researcher. She is a former medical historian turned lactation consultant, who has worked as an advisor to WHO and UNICEF and as a breastfeeding educator, advocate and author.…

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First Findings Of The Mealtime Hostage Research

First Findings of the Mealtime Hostage Research

Image: David Goehring (CC by 2.0) The Mealtime Hostage Parenting Science Gang are a group of parents of children who, for various reasons, have difficulty developing an interest in eating. These children are often highly selective in the variety and quantity of…

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Flexischooling – Our First Findings

Flexischooling – our first findings

Who flexischools their kids and why? Which local authorities support flexischooling? The Dumfries and Galloway Parenting Science Gang's research used Freedom of Information Requests of local authorities, interviews with parents and interviews with teachers to find out more about flexischooling.…

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The Babywearing And Temperature Experiment

The babywearing and temperature experiment

How much should we worry about babies overheating in slings? How hot do they actually get? The Science-Aware Natural Parenting Science Gang collaborated with Dr Davide Fillingeri of Loughborough University. This poster that the group made for our final event…

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Breastfeeding & Healthcare Experiences

Breastfeeding & Healthcare Experiences

Our Breastfeeding & Healthcare Experiences (BF HCE) PSG has been running 2 complementary studies: looking at how personal breastfeeding experiences affect professional practice in health care professionals, in collaboration with Dr Yan-Shing Chang (King's College London), and looking at the…

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PSG Does Breast Milk Science

PSG does breast milk science

Babies. Exciting. Inspiring. Privilege. Happy. Boobs. Empowering. Just some of the words used to describe taking part in Breastfeeding Older Babies and Beyond (BOBAB) and UK Breastfeeding and Parenting Support (UKBAPS) PSGs #breastmilkexperiment. These 2 Gangs wanted to know what’s…

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