Parenting is always an experiment so why not collect the data?
Why You Should Join Parenting Science Gang!

Why you should join Parenting Science Gang!

Are you member of a parenting group? (Maybe a Facebook community group?) Do you wish you could get evidence-based facts about the stuff that matters to you? Parenting Science Gang puts parents in charge of the research agenda. It’s a groundbreaking, user-led…

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Calling BAME Parenting Groups

Calling BAME parenting groups

Do you have parenting questions you can't find an evidence-based answer to? Are you part of a community with questions that get overlooked by mainstream science? Parenting Science Gang puts parents in charge of the research agenda. It's user-led citizen science,…

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Parenting Science Gang Needs You!

Parenting Science Gang needs you!

Are you a member of a parenting group with lots of questions? Maybe a large Facebook group? Parenting Science Gang is about uncovering questions that matter to parents, but which science isn’t answering. Four Facebook communities have taken part this year, they've been exploring…

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UKBAPS Question Shortlist

UKBAPS question shortlist

We have a lot of questions we want evidence-based answers for! But all of our Parenting Science Gangs will design and run just one experiment each. UK Breastfeeding and Parenting Support - Parenting Science Gang (UKBAPS-PSG)  have taken a big step closer…

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New Team Members

New Team Members

One of our first jobs was to recruit some key team members and we are pleased to introduce Tamasin Greenough-Graham and Rebecca Brueton who will be our project coordinators.

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Parenting Science Gang Is Go!

Parenting Science Gang is Go!

I’m delighted to announce that the Wellcome Trust, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to give a Society Award to Parenting Science Gang. (Proposed slogan: Parenting is always an experiment, so why not collect the data?). A few months ago, I…

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